Get Your Mexican Fix in Jeonju

A Curious Venture

When a seemingly endless supply of rice and kimchi starts to get you down, there’s no shame in seeking out tasty foreign food in Jeonju, even if it is the food capital of Korea. In this “Get You Fix” series, I will unveil the city’s best restaurants (in my very humble opinion) across the various cuisines. Today’s focus: Mexican food.

Authentic tasting Mexican food is in short supply in Jeonju. More than once I’ve attempted to eat a seemingly appetising burrito or quesadilla, only to find it laden with Korean radishes, pickles or even kimchi! I still experience nightmares.

Koreanised versions of foreign food are to be expected, being in Korea and all. But here are 3 restaurants that have managed to keep the kimchi at bay.

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Little Lost Lamb

All my life I’ve been asked, “and what do you want to become when you grow up?”, I would then give the most generic answers such as a doctor, or a vet. How was I supposed to know at such a young age? I figured that there was no rush in deciding what I would like to do someday,. I simply knew that I enjoyed spending time with people and helping others succeed. When I applied to university I still had not made a decision as of what I would like to do someday, so I went for the most general degree; a bachelor of arts. I knew that after three years of being away from home would most certainly give me time to think about what I’d like to pursue Continue reading “Little Lost Lamb”