Small Towns South Korea

Naejangsan, Jeongeup

This weekend we decided to check out Naejangsan and see what all the fuss is about.

Beautiful Water Shrine

If your not living in the big ol’ Seoul you will most likely someday end up googling “things to do in Korea”. One of the top 10 things on that list is Hiking Naejangsan. One of my friends live in the sleepy city of Jeongeup. Whilst walking around Jeongeup you’ll notice that this city is extremely proud of the one thing it’s got going for it, Naejangsan. Too be honest I don’t blame them.

Waking up at 6 am we pushed through the urge to sleep more and set out to catch our bus. Most people will probably make this a day trip, if you do. You can easily catch a city bus to Jeongeup-Si from almost any bus terminal OR you could catch a train. Once you arrive at the bus terminal in Jeongeup, turn left and walk until to reach a bus stop nearby a Paris Baguette. Wait there for the bus 171 (내장산), using your T-Money card the fare should be about 1500 Won. Be sure to leave as early as possible, this is a very popular destination and our bus was crowded AF. The bus ride took about 20-30 mins and we got off when the crowd got off (logic, the best survival tool).

Bibimbap for breakfast

We really didn’t expect much but to our surprise there was a market and tons of stalls selling numerous food items. Walking through the market some ajimma grabbed one of us by the arm and pulled us into a restaurant. Locals know best, right? So we sat down and had the most amazing and also biggest Korean breakfast any of us have ever had. Once we paid we set off to explore.

We walked and walked , admiring the crimson leaves all around. We opted for the cable cars and waited in line for about an hour. This won’t be a problem if you are travelling with a good crowd, so choose your friends wisely! FINALLY we reached the top we found restaurants, stalls and even a Buddhist monk singing for donations. We decided we wanted to hike to the peak and successfully did so.  To be honest I didn’t really appreciate the view, we a week too late and most of the leaves on the mountain had tuned to a shade of “dead-brown”. But what I can say is that the foliage at the bottom of the mountain was something spectacular, this trip was definitely worth it.

On our way home we couldn’t be bothered to stand in line for the bus and decided to call KakaoTaxi, I highly recommend this as its super comfortable and it’s all in English.


I made a short little video for those who want a preview or for those who are too lazy to get out of bed and actually go. Enjoy!!